well, hello there.

you found my “about” page! look at you go.

My name is Lucy Kross Wallace and I am a writer, autist, aspiring polyglot, Stanford student, Julien Baker fan, plus a lot of other things, too.

I was given access to ideas, pens, and paper from an early age. It’s a dangerous combination.

I was diagnosed with autism at age 18, which was a little like watching the video game tutorial 18 levels in. Since then, I have been writing about autism to share my experience and help others make sense of theirs.

Keep scrolling if you like lists.

things I do

  • write about autism and associated curiosities
  • put words together and see what happens
  • try to make sense of my experiences and maybe help others understand theirs
  • spend way too long choosing stock photos for my posts
  • the dishes, occasionally

things I like

  • writing so ferociously that I scorch holes in my keyboard cover
  • toucans
  • that quote about how learning is lighting a fire, not filling a bucket
  • Dutch braids
  • Russian figure skating

things I don’t like

  • canned tuna
  • incorrect use of the verb “to resonate” (e.g., “I resonate with that”)
  • group projects that you have to take seriously (I don’t mind ironic ones, though)
  • social media
  • sudden changes
  • small talk (unless it’s in Russian)

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